We have a great range of quality accessories for your vehicle including Lighting Solutions, Brake Controllers, Reversing Buzzers, Anderson Plugs and Dual Battery Systems.


Our extensive range of vehicle lighting products are designed to look great and last in the harsh Australian environment. Whether you are a serious 4WDer, Mining Corporation or just require some extra lighting we have the product for you. Our quality range includes Spot Lights, Beacons, Light Bars, Rotating Beacons, LED Driving Lights with many more quality lighting options available.

Reversing Buzzers

Reversing Buzzers are an ideal warning device to indicate when a vehicle is reversing. Our range of quality Reversing Buzzers are compact in design and have fixed voltage and output. They are available in both pulse and continuous tones.

Brake Controllers

Don’t get caught out with not enough braking power, ensure you have the right Brake Controller for the job. With our quality range of Brake Controllers you will ensure that what you are towing will behave exactly as you expect it to while braking and at the same time reduce that dangerous uncontrollable swaying. Our range of Brake Controllers are compact in size, simple to operate and built to last.

Anderson Plugs/Sockets

For anyone who requires a power supply to a trailer then an Anderson Plug is the right choice for connecting your vehicles power supply wiring to your trailers power supply wiring. Anderson Plugs are a specialised socket that allows charge from your vehicles battery through to your trailers battery. They come in a large range of sizes and amp ratings to best suit your requirements.

Dual Battery Systems

A Dual Battery system is a must for all those 4WDers, caravaners and campers. If you are running accessories such as fridges and air compressors then a Dual Battery system is essential. Protect yourself against dead batteries with one of our quality Dual Battery systems today. A Dual Battery system allows for your accessories to be connected to a deep cycle second battery. As your accessories use the power from the second battery an isolator prevents power from draining your main battery. A great addition is that the isolator senses the charge from your alternator when you start your vehicle, links the two batteries together and charges them as your drive.

Electronic Rust Protection

Electronic Rust Protection is a scientifically proven electronic corrosion prevention system, designed specifically for today’s vehicles. Our systems offer a clean, efficient and safe way to protect your investment, is transferable to your next vehicle and requires no touch-up or annual re-applications.