Security Systems

Security Systems

Vehicle theft is still a consistent problem in Australia which means rising insurance premiums. You cannot allow your vehicle to remain unprotected a minute longer. It is essential that your car is protected with one of our state of the art Immobilisers, Alarms or Tracking systems. Don’t become a statistic, protect you vehicle today, we have a security system to suit your budget and requirements.

Keyless Entry

A keyless entry system is designed to provide remote keyless entry to vehicles with standard central locking. The system can provide visual conformation of lock / unlock via the indicator hazard lights and by a red dash mounted warning LED.


The purpose of an alarm is to protect your vehicle and its contents from theft and providing a strong deterrent via a loud siren. An alarm normally includes immobilisation of critical engine circuits, making it impossible to start or run the engine.


The purpose of an immobiliser is to disable critical engine circuits, which makes it impossible to start or run the engine. There are several styles of disarming methods, including Touch Key, Transponder and Remote Control being the most popular.

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